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#Paramedics: How much overtime/additional shifts do you do monthly, and why? For the money, for the fun, nothing better to do? #flobachpoll


The other day I was having a chat with a colleague about overtime shifts. We agreed that overtime is an easy way to earn some money on the side when saving up for something, and it’s something we generally enjoy doing. They added that because their partner works Monday to Friday 9-5, boredom can kick in easily, so rather than stay at home one may as well do an additional shift.
The discussion moved on to burnout, and how overtime may contribute to this. I thought I’d put this out to the greater twitter community via the above tweet, and got some interesting answers back. The general gist was that people do overtime for all three reasons, with an (somewhat unsurprising) emphasis on being underpaid and overworked in this profession.
Here are some of the highlights:


Work/life balance has been reported to be an important, if not the top priority amongst Gen Y employees – but we’d all like a little more money than we currently have. Is our race to own more burning us out – are we living over our means? Are paramedics underpaid, or is everybody else overpaid? Would the profession benefit from increased pay and/or other measures to reinstate a better work/life balance?

As always, I’d welcome your thoughts in the comments or on twitter.


Yeah yeah, whatever. This job is the bet job in the world, and always will be. I’m keen, enthusiastic as f*ck, and why should that change?

Looking around, I realise that most of the older medics, who have been around for a decade or three, must have begun the job all bright eyed and bushy tailed too. Some still have the passion in there eyes, but most just plod along, and some are just plain burnt out.

I don’t want to end up like that. Reading Kelly Grayson’s recent post on the way home from my last day of work before days off made something go click.

So, as passionate as I am about this job (or more, because of my passion), I forced myself to take some time off. This is the first time in three days I’m doing something paramedic related.

I’ve been riding out on my bike the last three days. Been building up my other bike. Milling around on the net comparing and selecting components.

Brilliant balance. Everyone needs something to counter the stresses of the job. Mine is cycling.

Whats yours?