Florian Breitenbach

Rettungsdienst und mehr


“Any other medical history, Dorothy?” I ask our patient, trying to get the bigger picture of what may be going on.

“Stones! I have Stones!” She replies.

“Where are they?” I ask, and after a blank look I give her a hint: “Gallstones maybe, or in the kidney?”

“Stones, I have Stones! Doctor says they wander, move around. Says I have Stones!”. This is getting nowhere fast, so I politely skip to the next question.

An uneventful transfer later, we reach hospital. Of course the triage nurse would like to know about these wandering Stones.

“Hi Dorothy, I’m Claire, one of the nurses at the hospital here. The Paramedics tell me you have Stones – where are they?”

“Stones, I have Stones!” Unsurprisingly, we’re getting nowhere fast again. “I have Stones! Doctor says they move. I have Stones!”

To cut things short, I interject: “I believe they are gallstones, but they have a holiday house in the kidneys. They’re the Rolling Stones – thats what rockstars do.”