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Guestpost: Paramedic Registration

Today a guest post about Australian paramedic registration by a boy who got sidetracked in to mechanical engineering, who then got sidetracked in to disaster relief, and further sidetracked in to (guest) blogging: 

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I was reading the ACEM submission on the consultation on paramedic registration when I came across this wonderful quote:

“Proposals to introduce extended-care models for paramedics may result in some paramedics undertaking clinical work in different and novel settings (e.g. at a patient’s home).”

Heh. Novel… Hahahaha! *Wipes tear from eyes*

It still cracks me up.

Seriously, because specialist emergency surgeons in Australia don’t treat people outside a hospital certified as a trauma centre (anymore) does NOT make a patients’ home a new setting for delivering emergency medical care, or any medical care for that matter. Medical care has been provided in homes since Adam got out of bed and stubbed his toe.

There are many more people affected by the registration of paramedics than only paramedics and the staff of the hospitals we (mostly) transport people to. Indeed, every person in Australia will be affected when they, or someone they love, is transported by paramedics. There will be many opportunities in the coming months and years for all of us to have a say in how paramedic registration can provide the most benefit to the community we serve.

Have your say.

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Zeke is a first year paramedic student at Victoria University, and thinking about starting his own blog. Encourage him to write more – leave a comment below, find him on twitter (@xzcion) or email me and I’ll pass it on.

Registration Survey

For everyone in Australia, or planning to come to Australia: National Paramedic Registration is up and coming – have your input!

The survey:

The petition:

More information: for more information, visit the Paramedics Australasia website:


I was recently interviewed by Matthew Harris for his HarrisCPD podcast. We discussed what it is like as a paramedic in Australia, the australian paramedic education system, how to become a paramedic here and the up and coming paramedic registration.

Click here to get to the podcast page and listen to it.


Target 3000 – Professional Registration for Australian Paramedics


The arrow hits the target. But how accurate is the archer? How do we know his skills are up to date? Does he know what he is doing? Is he an archer at all?

And what am I on about?

Paramedic Registration developments are entering a hot phase in Australia – consultation exercises will be beginning soon.

Does this affect me?

As a Paramedic in Australia – YES! The title ‘Paramedic’ is not protected, anyone can call themselved a paramedic. Heck, I even saw an ad for a “Paramedic Skin Care Specialist” in the paper last year!

As a resident in Australia – YES! Registration will help standardise and raise the level of care brought to you should you ever require a paramedic.

Anyone else – YES! Join and help the profession forward. You can tell us about your own registration experiences, knowledge, pitfalls etc; we want the best system in place here in the land of Down Under.

And what should I do?

  • Contact Paramedics Australasia’s policy advisor Ray Bange at to be kept up to date with all things registration
  • Visit the PA website and read the registration documents
  • On Twitter, follow #ParamedicReg
  • Participate in all future submissions when they are released shortly
  • Talk to other paramedics in your workplace and be prepared for the registration debate!

“One small step for a paramedic, one giant leap for the profession”