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EMS UK & US Tour – update

Three countries, four cities, five shifts, six interviews, seventh heaven.

Hello everyone! Quick update from yours truly. The first four weeks of my holiday is over, where I’ve been busy hanging out with like minded paramed-peeps. It’s been great, I’ve gathered a whole heap of information, I’ve written up about 17 pages worth of notes that need to be digitalised (yes, thats right – hand scribbled notes!).

This trip has truly opened my eyes to the challenges different EMServices face, all in the name of looking after their patients. Legal, administrative, geographical and many more limitations influence how each service does their job – which is the same at the end of the day. Assuming and knowing it is one thing, but seeing and realising that we all do the same job and deal with the same calls day after day is somewhat of a comforting factor – you know you’re not the only one dealing with drunks, system abusers and little old ladies at 3am. The differences how they are treated, and how problems are dealt with on a personal as well as on a service level is interesting. We as a profession could advance far ahead if we increased our international communication and exchange. That’s why I’m here, sitting in a camper van in (torrential) rainy Washington State – holidaying, sightseeing, touring a foreign country and broadening my horizon, both personally and professionally.

Here is an interview I did with Ted Setla (@setla)

Australian EMS 2.0 Exchange


More to come once the wireless hotspots become more reliable, and the writing space becomes a little more comfortable. Oh, and once I have more time…it’s not always ambulance time in the republic you know, a man’s gotta switch off from time to time!

See you on twitter 🙂

Travel plans

As mentioned recently, I will be heading overseas for a little holiday – eight weeks touring foreign lands with strange dialects, such as England, Scotland, the United States and Canada.

And I want YOU to be there too!

  • London: Wednesday, 4th of May at the All Bar One Waterloo, 7pm. @insomniacmedic is helping organising this one!
  • Edinburgh: 9/10/11 of May
  • New York City: 15/16/17/18 of May
  • Toronto: 19/20/21/22/23 of May
  • San Francisco: 24/25/26/27 May

I will also be passing by Portland, Seattle & Vancouver early June.

Get in touch with me via a comment or the contact section above – would love to meet as many of you as possible. Even if you aren’t around but still have some travel tips, you’re more than welcome to share 🙂

See you out there!



Moving right along from my last post, I would like to announce my way of making sure I keep sane, seeing ‘the big picture’.

I’m coming to see YOU!

Holidays are quickly approaching my republic. I thought travel would be a great way to spend my time. Plus, I thought to myself, I would try to turn as many virtual acquaintances in to meeting and seeing the real person behind all the text they write. So, dear tweeters and bloggers – if you want to know what a real Australian looks like, your out of luck. But I am able share some great insights in to Australia (yes, including the the ambulance service), and can come up with a bad joke or three if required as well (check my facebook profile as a repository for them…).

I might even bring my pet kangaroo Skippy with me, and whack a croc meat steak on the barbie, if quarantine allows…

If you’re close to any of the following cities at or around the following dates, give us a shout (comment, email, tweet or telex). My travels will be taking me to the UK first, and InsomniacMedic and I have organised a tweetup in London for the 4th May, exact location to be confirmed. I will be then travelling up to Scotland (why? why not! Kal seems to like it there), and hopefully stopping on the way somewhere, maybe Newcastle if Mister and Mrs 999 are around!

…and then I’m off to the US and Canada – again, let me know if you are around, and what date suits you best!

  • NYC: around the 17th of May
  • Toronto: around the 21st of May
  • San Francisco (hopefully with Monsieurs Schorr and Setla): around the 25th of May.

Oh, and if any of you need a hand on a shift, I’d be thrilled for a ridealong!

See you all out there under the CoEMS banner 🙂