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International Guidelines

Here is a PDF with a list of international Paramedic Guidelines and Protocols that I have put together over the years.

If you see something that is missing or has changed, please get in touch with the contact! page!



greeting friends ;

I invite all prehospitals (paramedics) to participate in the creation of international guidelines for paramedic intervention, also must be approved by any association of paramedics of the participating countries

Mark says:

I have a copy of the St John Ambulance Protocols for NZ if you are interested.

Joe Acker says:

Hi Florian,
Thanks for setting up this informative page with links around the world. You might consider adding these two links from Canada:

Note: Alberta Heath Services has a good EMS Guidelines App on the Apple App store.


iwan says:

very very helpful for newbie like me.
thank you.

flobach says:

You’re welcome, spread the word!

Michael Templeton says:

failed to open …

flobach says:

Updated – thank you for letting me know!

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