Florian Breitenbach

Rettungsdienst und mehr


Thirty people, spread over four countries and two continents, and with a variety of backgrounds, meet in a wooden hut in the alps for 48 hours. The only thing they have in common, apart from the german language, is an interest – a passion – for paramedicine. Why do people travel hundreds of kilometres on their days off, organise shift swaps, and take annual leave ‘just’ to be with colleagues and to talk shop? Why would mostly underpaid paramedics spend their hard earned money to be in company of others in the same profession?

Dedication and Desire. Dedication to the Profession, and the Desire to improve. Make things better. Improve systems. Improve working conditions. Optimise procedures. Exchange ideas and experiences. Discuss thoughts. Improve outcomes. Save lives. Working and focussing on our raison d’être, our motivation and purpose of existence: the patient, and the community.

It is easy to get stuck in the negative spiral with burnt out, cynical and overly sarcastic colleagues. But nobody ever said it would be easy sailing in this job; that is true from a clinical perspective, but also from an operational point of view. Think back to the time when you were but a newby in the job.. Think of what motivated you to get in to this great and noble profession. What gave you your drive? What were the deciding factors? What grabbed you, and made you go “YES! I want to be a Paramedic!” ?

Make sure to hold your head high, and be a proud professional. We all have our ups and downs, and if you ever find yourself doubting – get out of the rut and surround yourself with some like minded individuals to lift your spirits. Add some clean alpine air to the mix and you’re sorted.

It was a great time meeting with the group, and I, for one, will return home just that little bit more refreshed with just that little bit more motivation to do what I love doing: being a paramedic.

I am refuelled. The flame is still burning strong.


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