Florian Breitenbach

Rettungsdienst und mehr


It’s not what you expect to see when casually checking your social media sites after getting up in the morning: A series of short eulogies on a friends account.

Death has only tangientally touched my personal life. Deaths in the family occurred  at a very young age where I didn’t know them enough and didn’t understand the concept of death, and not knowing them as an adult, unable to build a bond between them and myself.

We, in contrast, had spent four years of our lives together that shaped and changed us: we had become paramedics together. Through university, through paramedic school, in the classroom, on the road, at graduation: we did it together in our group, growing from keen students to grown up paramedics. Whether at one of our first practice scenarios in school, or at a job working together: you were a solid colleague, a mate that I could count on, someone who had my back even on tough calls. You got on with the job that we both loved: helping people, and having a laugh with them, never at them.

Although we weren’t close, we kept in touch as colleagues, even if I was in your country of birth, and you were in my country of birth. I was glad that we were able to catch up over a pint when you came to visit England recently, and it saddens me that we won’t be able to do it again as we had planned, either here or over your way.

Pleasure to have met you, an honour to have worked with you, and a sad day reminiscing about the good times spent during our journey together.


Marius Bothma says:

Thats the best message I have seen. Well said. He touched the lives of many, the mark of a great man.

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