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Learning styles

A post provoked by uni studies and listening to podcasts. I wanted to post this on the facebook wall of the EMS EduCast, but it wouldn’t let me. So I decided to publish it here!

Hello EMS EduCasters,
In one of your episode you mentioned different styles of learners. It reminded me of an EM Crit podcast (Weingart, 2013), where a study by Pashier, McDaniel, Rohrer & Bjork (2008) is brought up. The authors conclude after their experimental trial that the concept of different learning styles doesn’t exist in such a way that common knowledge may have led one to believe. Weingart bluntly puts it in his recording that there is no such thing as an audio or a visual learner, and that books are hard to read for a reason – because study is difficult!.

I believe he makes a good point. I like to watch a video and listen to podcasts, and sometimes shy away from reading the hard stuff – but at the end of the day, reading gets you through a lot more information, but it is hard work. A mix of all ways of parting information is ideal in my opinion.

What does everybody think – are you surprised? I was initially, as I just took what I had heard about different learning styles for the bare truth, without having any credible sources to back me up.

Keep up the good work, and autumnly (chilly) greetings from London, UK,




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