Florian Breitenbach

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Thought I’d share a poster I recently created for uni about the possibility of merging Fire/Rescue Services with Paramedic Services in England. Acknowledgements and thanks to TJ for helping me craft the idea.

Constructive criticism welcome.

The Urge to Merge


Ryan says:

I was moved so much by your graphs that I spent a little bit of time and produced them for my home jurisdiction.

flobach says:

Great work Ryan, thanks for sharing!

Whereabouts in Australia do you work if I may ask?

Interesting to see that the expenditure for the fire brigade is a fair bit lower than that of the ambulance services, yet per incident still nearly 15x the expense (One ambulance incident is approximately 732$, vs 10949$ per fire incident. ). Sure, they need bigger vehicles and sometimes more equipment, but the whole thing would still warrant some good and thorough reviews.

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