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Rettungsdienst und mehr

Temporary hibernation…

…due to stimulus overload.

It has been a very busy time the past two months. Finally starting full time work as a paramedic in the NHS has been great, but obviously time and brainpower consuming (There will be a dedicated post about this).

And as if starting a new job on the other side of the planet wasn’t enough, university studies have kicked in again – starting on the same day as my first day of employment. I’ve only got a few more weeks of study to go this semester; obviously it takes priority over many other things, but once out of the way, blogging shall be on the reuptake.

Phew…not much time for me or my poor little head!

I’m also thinking where this blog of mine is heading, and where I may take it. Considerations and thoughts include a focus on work, travel, general thoughts and reflective practice in general including university studies – bringing you a couple of my thoughts on management in a healthcare environment.

Thanks for reading the blog – there will be more to come!


Florian Sonntag says:

Hallo Florian! Lass den Blog nicht einschlafen. Es sind immer wieder interessante geschichten und dein Schreibstil ist klasse, auch wenn ich nicht immer alles verstehe . Ich würde mir mehr erlebte Fälle von die wünschen. Ansonsten weiter so, du bist ein Vorbild für mich!

Gruß von ebenfalls Florian

flobach says:

Semester is vorbei, jetzt gehts wieder los. Danke fürs Kommentar, schoen zu lesen dass es auch in D gelesen wird 🙂

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