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The most frequent question thrown at me in the last four months has been: “Why move from Australia to London?!”

Simple: Perth (where I worked and lived for the past five years) is too hot. Summer, sunshine and beach sounds like fun, but the reality of 40+ degrees in summer means people tend to do the same when it rains or snows in London: stay inside and let technology (airconditioning/heating) thermoregulate your environment. You can only take so many clothes off, even then it is too hot.

Perth is a cute little place, with a cute little rhyme to go with it:

Perth, Perth,

End of the Earth

Now, end of the earth is not necessarily a bad thing, but the next biggest city is either Singapore or Melbourne, both about 4 hours flight away. You would probably have to drive about eight hours straight just to get out of the state. A state seven times the size of Germany, but with less than two million inhabitants, 1.5 million of those in a town…sorry…a city with a north to south spread of over 120 kilometres.

London has over eight million people in one spot, lies in a country with over fifty million people, and is on a continent with approximately 500 million people. There’s always something happening in London. “Tired of London, tired of life” as the saying goes. If it gets cold, you put more clothes on. If it rains, you put wet weather gear on. There’s plenty of stuff out there to wear, it’s London after all. You can get anything here. It’s London.

But each to their own. You may think I’m crazy, you may not understand my reasons, you may be happy where you are.

Or you may agree and say: London is a great city.

That’s why I’m here.


arban70 says:

The best place to be is the place where you’re at – because you help to make it so. London, New York, Hong Kong or Denver, Sydney., Paris or Brisbane – each has much to offer. As an old Johnsonian, I love London as much as any but also find great pleasure in the history and cultures of the East. The world is a wonderful place as we see from Commander Hadfield in the ISS @Cmdr_Hadfield

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