Contemplating life.

Branching out?

So far, this blog has overwhelmingly beenĀ focussed on paramedicine.

I have a number of thoughts rushing through my head, some possibly worthy of short online documentation and publication.

What would you, dear reader, prefer: Should this blog primarily be a blog on paramedicine, or would you accept if I dabbled a little off topic every now and again?

Please leave a comment below, or contact me via the contact form or twitter.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Quick update

Hello everyone!

Updates have been few, gaps have been many. It is sometimes only once you are on holiday that you realise how much that time out was needed, both physically and mentally.

I have many a post jotted down, but only a few finished. Posting will commence in due course, both old and new material. Old – I must publish my memoirs from myEMStrip2011, as well as a few thoughts from work and study over the past year or so. New – I will keep you in the loop of my current holiday, of philosophical ponderings, tropical top end rescue, and whatever the next few weeks of time off has in store for me.

In this sense:

Don’t strive to be perfect. Strive for excellence.

Victoria Principal