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Intermission over. Semester over.

Return to work. Work to return?

Back to business. Business as usual?

I needed some (blog) time out. I applied myself hard (those of you following me on twitter got a glimpse of the uni topics covered and info shared), and the hard work paid off. My routine was work, eat, sleep. Days off consisted of study, eat, sleep. Enjoyable, but only for a certain amount of weeks until relationships are strained.

Today is my antepenultimate day of work. Three shifts left prior to moving. Overseas, that is…the UK to be more precise! Rhymes and reason to follow next week!

Busy times are gone, let the busy times begin!

International Guidelines and Protocols

Ever wanted to know how other paramedic services work? What drugs they use? What their algorithms look like?

Well, look no further. I trawled the internet, brought my old list up to date and stuck it all in a convenient PDF for your viewing convenience!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a beginning nonetheless. If you know of any guidelines I have missed, please contact me, I’d like for this to grow.

Have fun!