Florian Breitenbach

Rettungsdienst und mehr

In the beginning…

…there was light.


Flashing light to be precise. From an age as early as three I can remember watching flashing lights with absolute fascination. Blue, red, white, yellow, in any flash pattern – I stared at them as in a trance.

My interest then expanded to the actual vehicles these lights were mounted on, particularly (surprise…) emergency vehicles. Big, important and colourful.

Following soon after was the interest in what was in these vehicles. Fire trucks, with their big car door munching scissors. Police cars with all their law enforcement and traffic regulation gear (more lights!). Ambulances with their multitude of bandages and other stuff I had no idea about. But the vehicles as such with their lights were still the utmost of beauty to my eyes (as you may gather, this was quite early on and I hadn’t discovered girls yet).

Then came more curiosity of the insides: who actually sits inside them and does all the work? Who are these people? Why do they do what they do? What do they experience, and what gear do they play with?

There was only one way to find out…fast forward a few years and I think I have been able to answer all those questions I once posed to myself.

But every now and again when I catch myself at a scene for a split second, staring at the van, still fascinated by the lights.

And the boy inside me thinks: “I wonder what is inside there?”


Troy says:

I love driving through streets at night with the beacons on…seeing the coloured lights bounce off street signs, buildings, lane markers…

Jaymes says:

Don’t look at them too long. You may end up on a crash course to Mr Midaz

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