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Status update

I wrote this on the flight to Melbourne – unfortunately I didn’t get access to a WiFi hotspot to upload the post in time – the SPA conference has now been and gone. Great seeing you all there!


Busy times, I think to myself as the plane crosses rural Victoria. I’m on my way to this years Student Paramedics Australasia (SPA) Conference in Melbourne, and looking forward to catching up with many interstate colleagues and friends that I have made along the way – and of course, you, dear reader!

This time last year, I reflect, I was slogging away at work; bogged down in university studies, shafted from a roster point of view, and not happy with my whole situation. I needed a break. I needed to get out of my environment, have a breather, and mix with some enthusiastic people who love the job as much as I do. By pure chance, last years conference fell exactly during that time. What relief! The socialising, the networking, the professional and social exchange was just what the doctor ordered. I had refuelled myself with enthusiasm, and regained faith in my profession and peers. It’s amazing what positive effects a short holiday surrounded by some like minded people can have on your mental well being. It was my first conference attendance, and I knew I wanted more. The 2010 ACAP conference followed, a short while later the WA trauma symposium. From zero to three conference attendances in less than six months.

This year I am becoming an active participant in the conferences; presenting a poster at the SPA conference and speaking at the PA conference. This has gnawed away at my time a little, which has impacted on my blogging – but don’t despair, myEMStrip2011 posts are in the pipeline, and will be released shortly.

Hope to see you at one of the conferences this year!

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