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Tales from a remote island

So remote, in fact, that the inhabitants have developed such strange and unique habits such as drinking tea, speaking with funny accents and honestly believing their football team will beat Germany in the world cup.

Yes, I’m the the UK. I’ve walked all over London, met up with some lovely paramedics, done a night shift with InsomniacMedic, met up with Jim from the British College of Paramedics and am now sitting in a cafe in Edinburgh, eating haggis for breakfast and writing up my experiences:



JB says:

… so where’s the written up experiences? 🙂

You forgot to mention the cucumber sandwiches… 😀

What are those strange hieroglyphs on paper? Looks like some ancient markings of a failed civilization. Thank google we have cloud computing, looks like you’d get a hand cramp trying to write like that.

Hope you are enjoying your travels!

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