Contemplating life.


Last hour in Edinburgh, and going back to my roots having a continental breakfast. I’ve ditched the attempt of adopting local culture (which I suspect isn’t local culture at all) of having haggis for breakfast – I’m not convinced.
I am convinced though of the natural beauty of this country, the layers upon layers of history in this little city, and that I will be back for a visit – still have a whole heap to check out. In the mean time I shall read some great Scottish writers such as Robert Louis Stevenson and Ian Rankin.

And did you know that the Scottish apparently invented skyscrapers? These 15 story high medieval complexes regularly crumpled down in a heap of rubble, but hey, it’s an attempt.

Big thanks to Kal from Trauma Queen for showing me some of the night life both on and off the job, to ChineseCallum from BrewDog brewery ( for introducing some bloody good brews to my palate, to the Digitals for a warm welcoming and a glass of water, and to BamBam for another glass of water and a couch seat. No thanks to the nosy bloody cat though – get yer nose out of my chocolate croissant!

Enough, gotta catch my train. More to come once I have a) slept more and b) have a full sized keyboard.

Tales from a remote island

So remote, in fact, that the inhabitants have developed such strange and unique habits such as drinking tea, speaking with funny accents and honestly believing their football team will beat Germany in the world cup.

Yes, I’m the the UK. I’ve walked all over London, met up with some lovely paramedics, done a night shift with InsomniacMedic, met up with Jim from the British College of Paramedics and am now sitting in a cafe in Edinburgh, eating haggis for breakfast and writing up my experiences:


The Flight

Five hours flight wears deep in to my bones. An initial sense of tiredness quickly makes way for an accumulated weariness; its stem grounded deeply in months of long nightshifts and endless study. It is barely touched by the five minute nap I willingly fall in to directly after takeoff.

Time is lost. I awake, hoping I have slept through most of the five hour flight to Kuala Lumpur. All I have slept through is the peanuts and headphone distribution apparently.

Unlike the bloke ahead of me. He has reclined his chair right from the word go and is watching strange Japanese women distraught by the fact that they have just missed the ferry. Behind me, people (inadverdantly?) kick my seat at the most inconvenient of times. And left of me Mister Starfish needs to show the world how brawny he is, and sit like GI Joe – legs apart, elbows out at odd angles.

I survive and arrive at KLIA – Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Exotic smells and magnificent visualization taunt my senses as I walk past some of the food places. I ended up in Burger King.

Don’t ask.

The continuing flight to London was better – more sleep and rather pleasant Welshman next to me – uneventful really.

Now all I had to worry about is the baggage retrieval system they’ve got at Heathrow…

The Trip begins…

New York City
San Francisco
Redwood Forest

Eight weeks, ten+ locations, coupla observer shifts, few meetups and I’m sure a bloody good time.

Aiming to write as much as I can about the trip, keep you all up to date. Looking forward to seeing a couple of you for the first time, and of course meeting new people, seeing great sights and experiencing everything.