Contemplating life.

Scarred for life…

…and I’d be too, if I woke up with a snake wrapped around my arm.

Here’s a new category, “flobach in the media”. In case I come across a noteworthy job that I have done, I’ll post it here. Although normally very cautious about publicising patient information – the press has already done that job for me. Also a nice reminder for myself, as my memory has occasional lapses.

We’ll start with a memorable job for all involved. I would like to thank mum for doing exactly the right things on scene (staying calm, applying pressure bandages, moving patient away from danger), and commend Mason for being such a brave and well-mannered little lad.

As always, pleasure to have met you, unfortunately under the worst of circumstances.

Original article here

Wikipedia article on Dugites

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Boy bitten by snake in bed


By Jaime Shurmer, Comment News – Community Newspaper Group, Perth

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Snake-bite victim Mason Saunders. Picture: Justin Benson-Cooper, CNG

EXCLUSIVE – Jan 18, 9.30am: A YOUNG boy’s terrifying encounter with a snake that bit him three times in his own bed has prompted a call for other families to secure their homes.

On January 5 about 6.30am, a dugite entered Mason Saunders’ bedroom, most likely through a small hole in the wall, and bit him on his toe, then a second time on his foot.

The seven-year-old woke screaming, to find the snake wrapped three times around his left arm. He saw the snake bite the top of his finger.

The screams woke his mother Chris, who flung open the door to see the snake still tight around her little boy’s arm despite his frenzied attempts to shake it free.

“I held him and told him to hold his arm still and it slithered off the end of the bed, and as its head went over he waved his arm a bit and it unwound,” Ms Saunders said.

“At that time I didn’t know he was also bitten on his foot.”

Ms Saunders said it was a terrifying experience.

“I have five kids but that took the cake,” she said. “You think your kids are safe when you put them to bed. You don’t expect them to wake with a snake around their arm.”

Mason is too scared to sleep in his room and the family is keen to move out of the rental despite trying to plug small holes throughout the old house.

The snake, which was spied by ambulance officers, disappeared before a snake wrangler could respond later in the day.

Mason also endured an unusual reaction to the venom, paralysed by the time he reached hospital by ambulance.

“Normally, people have clotting issues but he didn’t have that, he vomited in the ambulance as we arrived and said he felt sleepy; then he was suddenly paralysed,” Chris said.

Mason was treated with four doses of antivenene and, despite his nerves, he says he can’t wait to tell his friends his remarkable survival story.

Ms Saunders urged other families to secure their homes where possible and be aware that snakes can enter suburban homes in search of food.

Best Motor Response

Sitting on the first leg of an Intercontinental flight, and my mind, free of all pressure, is wandering and wondering. It wanders all the way up to Scotland, and wonders about the Glasgow Coma Scale.

Obeys commands: Six Points. Six Points, it echoes in my head in a distinct french tone, as a beautiful brunette in a long evening gown announces the scores at the Eurovision Mental Capacity Contest.
Purposeful movements: Five Points. Cinque Points. The crowd follows with applause. Ironically, all they are doing us following a command to cheer…making purposeful movements with their hands, which come together quickly and repeatedly to emit a sound that has been associated amongst the kinds of us with enthusiasm and cheer.

The Eurovision daydream fades away, and is replaced by the approximately one thousand homes I have seen over the near past two years, and the estimated one and a half thousand patients I have interacted with. All of them plugging away at life, some just beginning the rat race, others close to the finishing line.

And all obeying commands. Displaying purposeful movements to some degree or another. Many of them doing both these in a very tight knit fashion, without much other (brain) activity happening.

I think about the many people that get caught up in life on the most mundane and inane. There is no free thought involved. A little mumbling and a little grumbling, but with no positive effect. Barely processing the necessary, whatever comes their way.

I can’t tell you the meaning of life, but I doubt it has anything to do with surrounding yourself with debt, children you don’t want and can’t care for, and living in a hole of a house with people you would rather see orbiting the moon next to rotten apple cores chucked out by NASA during the last Apollo mission.

Break the cycle. Stand up and do something. For the things you lose, you will most certainly gain a plethora of other experiences, friends and opportunities.

Don’t get caught up in the negative spiral, don’t follow the wrong herd.

Take a leap.


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