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About me

I’m an international and bilingual trigenarian paramedic with a long standing interest in all things emergency. Born in Australia, raised in the world, I grew up in Australia, Hong Kong and Germany.

My paramedic roots go back to 2002 during my time in the german civilian service, followed by my first work experience on an emergency ambulance. The bug had bitten me, and I continued as a volunteer ambulance assistant in Frankfurt/Germany, until moving to Australia. A year later, still working in IT, I was having withdrawal symptoms, and decided to swap my “hobby” and work around – and have not looked back since. As a paramedic student with the Western Australian Ambulance Service, I completed my Bachelor of Science (Paramedical Science) with Edith Cowan University in Perth, whilst learning the profession I love. In the continuous search for more knowledge, I am currently completing a postgraduate certificate in EMS leadership and Management at Charles Sturt University (NSW).

I love working with students, sharing the experience and passing on information, and have been heavily involved in the local and national student society Student Paramedics Australasia. I have also been on the committee of the paramedic peak professional body, Paramedics Australasia.

Coming from an international background, combining travel and work is another favourite of mine – learning about foreign countries, cultures and their provision of out of hospital services. In 2011 I was able to travel to the UK, US & Canada and personally experience different paramedic services

Other professional interests include the future of paramedicine & technology, as well as advocating for international and interprofessional exchange.

I value reader interaction – please feel free to contact me via the contact form on this website, or find me on twitter or facebook.

An online CV can be found on my LinkedIn profile:

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Dan Sprouse says:

Goood evening. I found your blog from the International Paramedic group. I like format on your blog website. What part of Australia do you live and work?


Dan Sprouse

flobach says:

Hi Dan,
Glad you like it! I am a Paramedic in Western Australia.

Lyndall Thomas-Light says:


I came across your blog quite accidentally, but am glad that I did!! I admire your passion for your work. You sound like you are very dedicated and enjoy what you do. I have the utmost admiration and respect for all Paramedic’s and Ambulance Officer’s. I even have a sticker on the back of my car window saying “I love Paramedic’s”. haha

My passion is Paediatric Nursing. I’m a Registered Nurse at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth. I mainly work in the Neonatal ICU and absolutely love the challenges it brings, as well as the cuddles I can enjoy, with these special little babies.
I’m one of the ‘nice’ nurses…gentle, caring, friendly and totally dedicated to helping save the lives of these precious little bubs.

Keep up the great work you do, love! I have gotten to know a few Paramedics (in Perth) and I always let them know just how special they are!

Take care,
Lyndall 🙂

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